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The Perspective Is External – The “Customer Perspective”

Going beyond the “internal perspective” to the “external customer perspective” is a concept that is often overlooked or undervalued when a company begins building or restructuring the website organization.

The problem with organizing information from an Internal perspective, or what a business feels is the “logical” organization of the business they know so well, is that customers don’t know the business that way. Customers only know their needs, and at the end of the day, they won’t put much effort into learning more than that, they’ll just leave the website.

We Spend Time To Learn Your Business & Get Inside The Minds Of Those Making Decisions

At DigiFlute, we understand that website architecture goes beyond the simple idea of good navigation. The website strategy is a much more detailed process, which includes identifying the site’s key audiences, understanding how the audience uses the Web, and designing a site organization that best serves the audience.

As part of every decision we make, we will consider your business requirements, the needs of your customers, and the opportunities and constraints that exist within your technical environment. It’s this insightful and exploratory way of working which encourages innovation and enables us to add value during every stage of a project. Once we begin to understand the audience and the competition, we can help your business succeed in marketplace.

Specifying The Deliverables

DigiFlute will customize specific deliverables for your website stragety to truly leverage your web development architecture for a better site return on investment (ROI) As all strategies vary in nature, these additional elements may be included in the Website Architecture proposal:

  • Website Navigation Strategy
  • Conversion Strategies for website
  • Sustaining and Supporting Page Strategies
  • Landing Page Strategies
  • Site map(s)
  • Website Solution Descriptions
  • Visual Wire Frame(s)/Schematics of Page-by-Page User Experience
  • Visual Web Design Compositions
  • Technical Requirement Documentation for Project Implementation
  • Related Software or Hardware Required for