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Building your Brand, Loyalty, Customer Base and much more around Social Conversations

Social Media Marketing is not all about creating profiles, sharing or posting on profiles and generating likes for profiles on social media platforms. It is a new-age marketing method to harness the potential of social web for promoting and branding a business or a product or a campaign or an institute.

Our social media marketing service is a 360 degree approach to tap into the potential of social media for your profit.

Click Mechanic (a unit of Binary Bulls Media) infuse social media marketing into an established online marketing plan and the end result is the establishment of your brand in the top social media websites that currently represents over 75% (and it keeps growing) of all Internet traffic and as a byproduct, gets businesses ranked in the top of search engines.

Sharing, listening, conversations, engagement, trust-building and marketing are the activities on social web space. Click Mechanic enable all of these with your target groups through inviting posts, creative applications, contests, polls, information & knowledge sharing in order to develop your business into a brand. We brainstorm creative ideas, merge the ideas with your objectives and implement those carefully to keep social media fans & followers engaged with your business or product or service or campaign.

Click Mechanic provides a comprehensive package to address all your social media needs:

Analysis & Competitive Benchmarking

Social Media Account Management

Network Expansion

Content Development

Content Promotion

Social Media Monitoring

Comprehensive Reporting