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Give Superior Accessibility, Portability & Scalability To Your Internet Applications

Increased demand for enhanced user experience together with interactive application development evolved into development of Rich Internet Applications(RIAs). RIAs, as per Adobe, are applications that combine improved user interface and functionality of desktop software, accessibility and low-cost deployment of Web-based applications and the best of interactive, multimedia communication.

RIAs have very similar features of a traditional web application with better user interactivity, content publishing, database interactivity and data communication. We extensively use AJAX, Adobe Flash, Flex, Microsoft Silverlight, JavaScript, Jquery etc. to develop such highly interactive and a rich user interfaces.

Compared to standard HTML-based applications, RIAs empower your business with solutions that are more:

RIA interactively deliver users exactly what they need and greatly reduce their workload, time and effort spent on targeted actions performance, acting as intelligent customers' assistants rather than mere tools.
RIA simplify complex processes (like registration or purchasing), save bandwidth and perform considerably faster than traditional Web applications.
RIA technologies give excellent background for development of compelling user interfaces that are completely focused on your and your customers needs.
Unlike HTML, RIA enable seamless and interactively controlled stages transitions that do not distract users from an action end goal.