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PPC – The New Age Marketing Way

Pay-Per-Click is the fastest way to drive traffic to your website. Rich data on what you’re spending and what you’re getting in return make it possible to guarantee that you’re getting positive ROI on advertising spend.

Sound simple? Fortunately it’s not, otherwise it wouldn’t be so much fun. Google’s Quality Score algorithm adds a layer of complexity to simply picking relevant keywords and pairing them with adverts. Google’s algorithm discounts the most relevant keyword-ad pairing for any given auction. When you add millions of keywords, in different geographical locations, at different times of day, with changing competitiveness, and a hundred other factors… things start to get complicated. In addition to the Quality Score, setting up the right bid and selecting the right metrics to track performance matters a lot. That’s probably why when Click Mechanic (online marketing unit of Binary Bulls Media) carry out our Free AdWords Consultation we see advertisers wasting huge marketing budget on irrelevant keywords and ads.

There’s no magic involved in our methodology. There are no hidden buttons, secret tricks, or “revolutionary bid management systems”. Our methodology is underpinned by very hard work. It calls for intelligent strategy, rigorous testing, constant optimizing, and a fine balance between technological and human input. And fun. That’s how to run a good campaign. And the difference between a good and bad campaign translates into double-digit percentage profit increases for our clients.

Click Mechanic’s methodology consists of the following keypoints:

Competitive Research / Business Background

Keyword Generation

Search/Content Based Campaign/Ad-Groups Segmentation

Ad Copywriting/Display Ad Building

Using Ad Extensions

Ad Targeting For Locations, Day of Week, Time of Day and other Demographics

Bid Management & Bid Simulation

Reporting & Analytics