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A Microsite is a limited engagement website. By limited engagement, we mean that its a website, but for a specific audience (a segment of your customers, fans, prospects, etc.) highlighting a specific product/service (usually one product/service or line of products/services), intended to run for a specific period of time (product launches, events, etc.). Microsites are quite popular becasue they let you get wildly creative and engaging with your audience.

Microsites quickly get to the point, and in often a more flashy way. Many Microsites incorporate a whole lot more graphical effects (Adobe Flash, Microsoft Silverlight, and even HTML5) combined with video that simultaneously give them higher engagement.

Done correctly, micro sites inform and engage your audience about a specific product or service that you have or are launching. They’re often more effective becasue they have that focus and speak to the target audience very specifically with calls to action that lead the way to sales, registrations and inquiries.

During a typical Microsite development, we:

  • Perform an audit of your existing web presence to see how things are currently ticking along.
  • Gather initial requirements and information.
  • Formulate an execution plan based on our
    agreed-upon strategy and business plan.
  • Begin the customer or client-focused creative phase.
    With your input, we get the best out of our talented
    team of designers.
  • Build and integrate a solid website, ensuring that
    everything works as it should on computers, mobile
    phones and gadgets.
  • Roll out our content management system so you can update your Microsite’s text, images or animations(there’s no technical expertise needed).
  • Test, test, test all the way through. We double check that everything works as it should before we hand it over to you.
  • After only a few weeks, we make your Microsite live. Increased sales, higher engagement and global appreciation are yours!