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Flash – It’s Not Yet Dead

Binary Bulls Media has a team of professional flash designers and developers to offer you impressive flash designs that are professional, attractive, search friendly and grab the attention of your visitors.

At BBM, we create flash designs with core focus on offering high engagement levels to your customers. It not just improve the overall user interactivity but also makes him to spend more time on your website, which is now days an important factor for SEO as well.

Our Bulls (team) understands the value of Search Engine Optimization as well and thus while creating the interactive flash designs we also remember to keep them search engine friendly.

Below Are The Few Things We Keep In Mind While Working With Flash Designs:

  • High Engagement Level
  • Clean & Optimized Design
  • Code Validation & Standard Compliance
  • Multiple Browser Compatibilty
  • Search Engine Friendliness
  • Use of DIV
  • Javascript Based Detection of Flash Player to Manipulate Page’s Document Object Model (DOM) to Replace Primary Content With Flash Movie