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Inspire Them To Spread Your Message

Perhaps nothing is as effective and efficient in spreading your message as a viral marketing campaign. The idea behind viral marketing is to inspire people to spread your message for you. It’s been estimated that a successful viral campaign can have 500-1000 times more impact than a non-viral campaign.

Any marketer worth his salt knows that referrals are the most powerful marketing tool available. Viral marketing extends this into the digital domain by harnessing the electronic connectivity of individuals to spread your message.

Click Mechanic (a unit of Binary Bulls Media) can develop infectious viral marketing strategies focusing on building your brand image whilst creating a ‘controlled’ list of qualified prospects with whom your company can communicate. Before long your brand name will be piggy-backing on previously unknown email lists. Contact us today for a super-hot viral strategy. Viral marketing can unleash a return on investment that will surprise any brand, that’s why it’s referred to as “creating a buzz”.

In addition to creating viral content for your campaigns, Click Mechanic can help you doing viral marketing by:

Selecting the best method to deliver your viral marketing campaign

Developing incentives and a personalization strategy

Providing tracking options

Avoiding brand dilution and association with unwanted groups

Some of the To-Do(s) Click Mechanic’s Viral Marketing process involve are:

Stop Being Neutral

Do Something Unexpected

Don’t Make Advertisements

Make Sequels

Allow & Promote Sharing

Connect With Comments

Never Restrict Access